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Simple, fast digital tipping solution for an evolving cashless economy

Convenient for your customers, rewarding for your employees

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Contactless, Frictionless, No App Required

Just scan & tip!

More Money!
Put more money in your employees’ paychecks. With fewer people carrying cash, our digital solution will capture dollars when cash is not available for tipping.
No Cash? No Problem.
Help your customers feel empowered and safe. No one likes to be caught in a situation without the ability to tip. Our contact-free & cashless solution will make sure anyone with a phone can quickly give a tip without the sanitary concerns of handling cash.
Increase Employee Engagement
Collect more feedback from your customers. Receive analytics from youtip that include ratings and comments that will drive positive reinforcement towards employee recognition and engagement.

youtip system features

Just Scan & Tip!
Direct access to digital wallets. No app download is required to use youtip. Our Scan & Tip system facilitates a super quick & simple transaction using digital wallets such as Apple Pay and G Pay.
Simple, Powerful Feedback Tool
Our post-tip feedback screen lets customers rate employees, service levels, and leave helpful feedback. Ratings can be 1-5 stars or a Net Promoter Score.
Versatile & Pervasive
Customers may access tipping screens on their phones by scanning QR codes or tapping through links sent via text or email. QR codes can reflect company’s branding and be placed anywhere from inside hotel rooms to employee badges, to valet stands.
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