About - youtip
Established in 2020

Hospitality Meets Fintech

We create digital solutions for the evolving cashless tipping economy

Three Trends & Three Friends

The Trends

Use of cash has fallen dramatically in the past few years, creating friction and inefficiencies in the tipping economy. A global pandemic has increased demand for contact-free business interactions. The US has adopted QR codes as a mainstream tool for every day tasks.

The Friends


Doug Miles

Co-Founder & CEO

Co-Founder & CEO at youtip

Doug is a 20-year fintech veteran who too frequently found himself without the cash to tip during business travel. Noticing the rapid adoption of QR codes in the US, he dusted off an old idea to pitch to his friend in hospitality.

E*TRADE/Charles Schwab/Silicon Valley Bank/OptionsHouse


Sarah Taveprungsenukul

Co-Founder & Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

Co-Founder & CCO of youtip

Sarah has been in hospitality and technology for 20 years. She recognized that the fallout from the pandemic would require serious changes in service technology as the hospitality industry recovered and jumped in to do her part by leading youtip.

Amadeus/Newmarket/React Mobile/Hospitality Maven


Nicholas Okuley


Co-Founder & CTO at youtip

Nicholas led the development of award-winning, complex tech solutions in online brokerage, insurance, and benefits administration for 12 years. Seeing an opportunity to solve a growing, widespread problem piqued his interest enough to tackle the creation of the youtip digital tipping system.

Charles Schwab/Snapsheet/Jellyvision/Youth Media

Our Mission

  • To be the simplest, quickest substitute for cash in tipping situations
  • To provide a system that benefits businesses, workers, and tippers
  • To integrate wherever possible (ie PMS, POS, apps, etc) to accommodate tipping transactions
  • To evolve in parallel with payment and feedback technology