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Established in 2020

About youtip

We create digital solutions for the evolving cashless tipping economy

youtip digital tipping platform

Doug Miles recognized the confluence of three major trends in 2020: the rapidly accelerating disappearance of cash from the economy; smartphones shipping with QR code-reading capability built into their cameras; and finally – the widespread adoption and use of QR codes in the United States in response to the pandemic.

He’d considered the idea for many years but 2020 was the right time execute, so he recruited Nicholas Okuley and Sarah Taveprungsenukul help bring the first enterprise-level digital tipping solution to market.

Our Mission

  • To be the simplest, quickest substitute for cash in tipping situations
  • To provide a system that benefits businesses, workers, and tippers
  • To integrate wherever possible (ie PMS, POS, apps, etc) to accommodate tipping transactions
  • To evolve in parallel with payment and feedback technology
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