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Guests Expect Easy Hotel Tipping in 2021

Guests Expect Easy Hotel Tipping in 2021

Without a doubt, 2020 was a challenging and stressful year for the hospitality industry. But in 2021 and beyond, hoteliers are looking at a new resurgence for travel. As we move into a post-COVID world, people are excited to come together, expand their horizons, and make up for lost time. Yet, within this future to come, travelers have become accustomed to a certain level of digital ease, especially when it comes to payment. In order to keep up, it’s time to bring your hotel tipping practices up to speed. 

Why Hotel Tips Are Important

In every guest’s stay, they interact with a variety of staff members, and each one of those interactions has the potential to generate a tip. In the U.S., guests may likely tip the housekeeping staff, the porter or bellboy, the front desk staff, the shuttle driver, waiters, room service, and any other staff member who aids them. 

Tipping can be personal. Some guests see it as an opportunity, a chance to reward exceptional service (and encourage more). For other guests, it helps them feel more comfortable being waited on. In fact, there are hundreds of guides to tipping designed to help travelers curate their own personal tipping strategy. As The Points Guy puts it, “tipping is more an art than a science.” Meanwhile, the New York Times “Guide to Hotel Tipping” advises that there is “no downside in being generous in tipping.” Regardless of the approach, American culture views tipping as a mainstay of the hotel experience. 

Moreover, tipping is fundamental to the pay structure of many hotels. Staff salaries are often factoring in tips as an expected source of income, and many of your staff members likely rely on the revenue they receive from tips. What’s more, as hotel tipping solutions rise, hospitality workers are going to be on the lookout for employers that make it easier for them to receive more tips and larger tips. By not implementing a hotel tipping solution, you run the risk that valued members of your team might leave to a competitor who has one. Thus, it pays off for everyone to make tipping feel as easy and integrated as possible. 

Hotel Guest Expectations

As anyone in hospitality knows, creating a seamless guest experience is key. These days, people are used to being able to make payments digitally and without contact. While in lockdown, your guests likely ordered everything from meals to clothes to cleaning products online, making use of one-click digital payments and contact-free delivery. Even in-person businesses made widespread transitions to digital payment options to avoid the risks of cash.

So, as we move forward, your guests are expecting to sail through their hotel stay with the same level of effortlessness. Fortunately, you have the tools to make that possible: 

Contactless Experience

While contactless payment was already trending before the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s seen a dramatic rise in response to the crisis. A study by the National Retail Foundation cites that no-touch payments increased for 69% of retailers. In the same study, 57% of consumers who used an in-store digital payment for the first time during the pandemic said they would continue to do so after the pandemic ends.

What does this mean for you? Essentially, that the status quo has changed. While contactless payments used to be a unique perk, they have now become the standard. 

Digital Payment

Similarly, we’ve seen a huge rise in the use of digital payment options. A recent report found that “92.3 million U.S. consumers age 14 or older used proximity-based mobile payments at least one time during a six-month period in 2020.” Digital payments appeal to today’s consumers because they’re fast, trackable, secure, and far less cumbersome than having to pull out your wallet to complete a transaction. 

This actually opens up a realm of possibilities for the level of freedom and relaxation you can provide within your hotel. With digital payments, your guests can feel free to move around the hotel and accomplish anything they’d like without having to carry around their wallets or purses. With just their phones, they’ll be able to make any tips they’d like without any extra burden. Whether they’re laying out poolside or rushing out for an adventure, they’ll be able to tip away without any stress. 

Hassle-free Process

Instead of agonizing over tipping logistics, your guests will want to make the payment without a second thought so that they can get back to enjoying their trip. You definitely don’t want them to have to download a complicated app or awkwardly ask your staff for their handle.

You can take the pain out of the process by simply providing a QR code that guests can scan in an instant. You can place these codes anywhere in your hotel: room keys, nightstands, staff badges, elevator panels, menus—feel free to get creative. In addition, you can provide links in text or email messages, such as the message that guests receive when they check in or out. This way, guests will be able to naturally incorporate a tip into their routine. 

A Hotel Tipping Solution Is Quick to Implement in Hotels

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You’ll be relieved to know that you can fulfill these growing expectations in no time at all with youtip. Our hotel tipping solution has been made exactly to meet this moment, providing as much ease to hotel managers as to guests. You can integrate our hotel tipping services with your existing branded app, use our system as a standalone solution, or combine the two. Plus, our Scan & Tip System can be implemented anywhere, whether you’re a cozy bed and breakfast or a beachside resort. Then, once you’re all set up, any tip a customer leaves will arrive in your bank account within just two business days. 

In 2021, we’re living in an increasingly cashless, increasingly digital world. A hotel tipping solution like youtip is a no-brainer way to meet your guest’s expectations and keep your staff members satisfied. You can get started today. Fill out our contact form to take the next step towards smooth, simple tipping. 

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