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How Cashless Tipping Can Benefit Businesses and Employees

How Cashless Tipping Can Benefit Businesses and Employees

As we begin to focus our attention on a “post-pandemic” world, we can take stock of the changes that have occurred in the last year. Pre-pandemic, we never questioned whether we should reach into our pockets and bring out cash to hand to a waitress or a cashier. Now, we rely on cards, because we do not have to touch others and risk exposure. Beyond that, 58% of people are not interested in going back to cash transactions. We like the protection it offers. The downside of this is some service providers are getting less money from tips. To ensure your financial security now is the time to learn how cashless tipping can benefit businesses and their employees.

What Is Cashless Tipping?

Cashless Tipping QR Code Example

Have you ever gone out to eat at a restaurant and felt your waitress deserved a $10.00 tip, but you only had a $5? Do you short the waitress or wait around for cashback? It was a common issue, even before the world was hit by a pandemic. In any hospitality industry, your customers may run into the same situation, but now it is even more complex. Customers and clients may prefer to not touch cash, even to leave a tip. Cashless tipping allows them to avoid it and your staff to get the tip money that they have earned.

Cashless tipping is done through apps, QR Codes, and may even be built into the POS devices that are handed to the customer or left on a table. The client or customer can scan the QR code, tip, and even leave reviews in a completely new way that keeps the transaction completely touchless.

Cashless Tipping Benefits for Your Business

There are many reasons for businesses to love cashless tipping. For one, the customer can feel safe because they touch their smartphone. They leave the tip amount that they want to leave, without being restricted by what is in their pocket.

For your business, there are even more benefits. Some of the biggest benefits are that you will:

  • Notice Increased Tips Being Exchanged for Services Provided. Customers are more likely to tip higher monetary amounts if they aren’t reaching into their wallets for cash. This will go a long way in keeping your employees happy and may increase your employee retention. They will feel that they get what is owed to them and more.
  • Know That Your Employees are Safe. In all service industries, we have been forced to consider our employee’s safety. We encourage masks, washing hands, avoiding close contact, and more. Contactless tipping is just one more layer of protection for your employees so that you do not have to worry about Covid-19 or other issues causing you to have to close your doors.
  • Gain Access to Simplified Tip Distribution. When a QR code is scanned by a customer, and their tip is included in it, the tip is directly deposited into an account, which makes it easier for you to pass it out to the person who earned that tip. For instance, a customer can scan, pay, select tip amount, and send. You will know the name of the staff member that earned the tip when the tip was given, and the amount of it. This will simplify your tip distribution and make it easier for you to keep track of it all.
  • Discover New Insight into Your Business. By giving you the ability to see who earned the tips and know when reviews are posted by happy clients, you can gain insight into your business that was previously hard to keep track of. You will know the employees that go above and beyond to ensure customers return and/or are happy with the services provided. You will be able to train employees who may not be doing all that they can, based on their tip averages and unsatisfied customer reviews.

Tipping: Why It Is Impossible to Do Away With

Tipping wasn’t always a popular idea that people supported. This is an odd concept for most people since we accept and enjoy doing it now. This has been proven by a restaurant called “Joe’s Crab Shack“. Joe’s tested the idea of not asking customers to tip, but rather to pay more for their meal. The end result was that their positive reviews went down. People didn’t want to pay more for their food. At the end of the day, Joe’s Crab Shack went back to lower prices and tips. Their reviews once again climbed.

The truth is people are used to tipping. Although it isn’t something that is mandatory, we would feel bad if we neglected to do it. We use it as a way to thank someone for doing a good job serving us or to show our displeasure if they let us down. We do it to thank the hotel staff that comes in to clean up our mess when we leave a hotel room with dirty sheets and some trash. It is simply our way of showing appreciation.

Are You Ready to Simplify Tipping?

When using youtip, you will be given a simple QR code. This code will allow customers and clients to use their phone’s camera to scan the code, pay, tip, review, and more. It is simple to use, and 100% contactless.

At youtip, we take pride in being the most uncomplicated touchless tipping option available. This is one reason that we are such a popular cashless tipping platform. It is easy to use and quick to set up. There are no apps to download, and no one will have any reason to touch a device other than their own.

If you are ready to explore how we can help you get started with the most efficient way to tip and pay, no matter what industry you are a part of, we are here for you. Simply contact us, and we will show you how easy it can be to go touchless.  

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