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The Importance of a Complete Enterprise Digital Tipping Solution for Hotels

The Importance of a Complete Enterprise Digital Tipping Solution for Hotels

Airports are buzzing as more vaccinated people travel after the easing of the CDC and health department travel requirements and recommendations. Live events and conferences are also coming back in full swing this Fall, and many hotels are planning for full room capacity. With the increasing surge of travel and events, hoteliers consider how their guests’ expectations will change in the post-pandemic world. 

With a study showing over 100 different strains of bacteria on dollar bills circulating in a city, many hoteliers are leveraging more contactless technology to maintain a comfortable and clean space for guests and employees. One of those contactless technology solutions growing in adoption is the rise of an enterprise digital tipping system for hotels. Using a mobile device,  guests can quickly scan, tap, and tip service workers who provide an excellent guest experience.

What is an Enterprise Digital Tipping System?

 An enterprise digital tipping system includes the scalability, flexibility, and reach to rapidly deploy across many locations, under many brands, with multiple configurations.

Advantages of an Enterprise Digital Tipping System
  1. Cloud-based system – The platform that customers use to tip is on the cloud, so anyone can access it from a browser without downloading any application.
  2. Scalable for all businesses – For growing and multiple location hotels, the system can be implemented across them all with ease. There are no location or quantity restrictions.
  3. Worldwide deployment – Your ability to accept digital tips is not restricted to the United States but can be deployed across the world to meet the needs of international businesses.
  4. Customized tipping screens – The screens used by guests for tipping are customized to match a business brand for a professional and seamless appearance.
  5. Dynamic QR Codes – Create an unlimited number of QR codes to facilitate how you want the tips to be distributed across your business (e.g., by departments, individuals, pooled, or a custom method) within a few days of receiving configuration details.
  6. Quick design, print, and shipment of signage – Be provided with the best design and placement of signage to maximize the tipping amounts for your business type.
  7. Development to improve quality of life – The team behind the platform continuously works towards adding features to increase employee satisfaction and quality of life. The most impactful features include recruiting and retention capability and a tailored financial wellness program for tipped and gig workers.
Getting Started with Digital Tipping

To stay competitive and attract guests to your hotels, hoteliers have begun to add an enterprise digital tipping system to their properties. It has become an essential technology to adapt to safety expectations and an evolving cashless economy. Many hoteliers have already opted to use an enterprise digital tipping system like youtip to receive and distribute tips. Some have seen increased average tip amounts and employee satisfaction levels too. Sign up for an enterprise digital tipping system with youtip for free today.

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