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QR Codes: An Ideal Solution for Hotel Tipping

QR Codes: An Ideal Solution for Hotel Tipping

With fewer people carrying cash, it’s essential for the hotel industry to provide electronic payment options for every interaction, including tipping hotel staff. Many hotel guests want to tip, but without cash in hand or an electronic option, many leave without tipping at all. This simple oversight can have an extremely negative impact on your hotel — lowering staff morale, increasing turnover, and even lowering cleanliness standards and attention to detail in each room. Fortunately, there is a simple solution on the market: QR code tipping.

Most hotel guests are already familiar with using QR codes in the hotel setting. Conferences frequently use QR codes to help attendees quickly access a schedule of events, hotel restaurants use them to allow guests to view the menu, and guests use them to access the hotel website. By using another QR code for electronic tipping, hotels provide continuity and convenience. The QR code is discrete and looks perfectly at home in the hotel setting.

Hotels are meeting customer tipping preferences by allowing hotel guests to simply scan a QR code in the privacy of their hotel room, leave a digital tip, and provide feedback.  According to the 2021 Lodging Technology Study, 72% of hoteliers say they anticipate moderate to major potential for innovative solutions in contactless tipping in the next year. Why are hoteliers looking to embrace this new technology? This unique system represents the best practices in the hotel industry by providing guests an extra convenience, making life easier and safer for employees, and gaining feedback to ensure the best customer service.

Fewer guests carrying cash

With the massive increase in contactless payments during the pandemic, far fewer hotel guests are carrying cash. According to  Travis Credit Union, only 16% of Americans reported “always” carrying cash, and 58% say they plan to stop using cash altogether after the pandemic. This has a massive impact on businesses that rely on cash for tips, payments or other exchanges. To ensure your hotel staff still get the tips they rely on, it’s essential to provide an alternative for these consumers.

Safer for employees

With health and safety as a top concern this year, it’s important to ensure your employees work in the safest environment possible. When employees are tipped electronically, they don’t have to worry about germs being spread through cash. Just as many hotel guests choose not to use cash in their daily lives, many hotel employees prefer the same safety precautions. A cash tip makes it difficult for them to adhere to these precautions, making the workplace less comfortable. Furthermore, electronic payments are more secure. They can’t be dropped, lost, or stolen, and employees do not have to worry about transporting cash home. With a digital tipping solution, the money is transmitted through a secure connection for the safety of valued hotel employees as well as guests. 

Faster and more convenient for guests

If your memory of hotel tipping includes walking several blocks to the nearest ATM in less than perfect weather, paying an ATM fee, then waiting in line to break a $20 bill before finally making it back to your room, you already understand the convenience of using a QR code to leave a hotel tip. With this technology, hotel guests never have to leave the room. They can choose the amount and leave a review without downloading an app — they just scan and tip within seconds. They don’t even have to search for pen and paper to write a thank you note! Customers will appreciate your thoughtful attention to the value of their time when you offer a cashless tipping service.

Feedback for employees and managers

By offering a QR code tipping service, employees and managers receive valuable feedback on hotel service. Not only does this improve analytics for the corporate office, it provides an immediate response for employees and managers. Employees can review both positive and negative reviews, allowing them to improve their performance and gain confidence in their position. Managers especially appreciate the chance to reward employees for a job well done, building a positive workplace culture that promotes and rewards excellence. The QR code system makes performance reviews easier and allows managers to have a better understanding of how guests enjoy their stay based on their services.

Versatile placement and reminders
QR code placement

Each hotel is unique, and a discrete card with the QR code on it is the perfect way to remind guests to tip without appearing pushy. Place it in any location that fits with the design of your hotel. A small card can be placed on an empty wall or nightstand. It can also integrate with in-room technology, displaying a prompt to tip on the TV. Hotel rooms that include a voice assistant can offer electronic hotel tipping by voice command. Whatever method you choose, the compact design of a QR code fits well with any layout or design scheme. This subtle and convenient way to remind visitors to tip is the perfect way to encourage tipping.


Cashless hotel tipping is the way of the future, and it’s important for hoteliers to choose an option that is convenient for guests. With youtip, there’s no need to force guests to download an app or look up the name of their hotel or employee. This technology uses the camera already on their phone to scan the correct information and leave a hotel tip. By skipping the app, guests can tip faster, while employees and guests avoid a long, awkward conversation on how to find and use an app. Don’t get bogged down instructing guests to find the app in the store, wait for it to download, and select the correct hotel location and specific employee to tip. Instead, leave guests with these simple instructions: “Scan this QR code and your browser will show you a tipping screen linked to me.”  With the latest innovations in the field of cashless tipping, youtip is set to become the industry standard for hotels around the world. 

It’s been a challenging time for the hotel industry, so youtip is offering hoteliers a chance to try the standard version of their technology free of charge during 2021. Ensure hotel staff at your location reach their potential earnings as summer travel heats up and people are ready to take their vacation and stay in hotels. Contact us today to learn how easy it is to roll this out at your property, and start benefiting from cashless hotel tips.

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