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An enterprise system for digital gratuity

Cashless, contactless tipping with full reporting

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Super simple & fast - No app download required
Your guests and customers should not have to download an app to leave a tip with your hard-working employees. Our simple Scan & Tip system facilitates a quick tipping experience with feedback in seconds.
Use it anywhere
Users can access a youtip tipping screen through QR codes and links sent via text or email. Place QR codes in hotel rooms, on employee badges, on valet key tags, or anywhere convenient for your customers and guests.
Give and get feedback
Your clients want to tell you when you’re doing great and where you can improve. Every tipping opportunity with youtip comes with a simple, powerful feedback tool to help you improve your service.
Build your brand
Our white label Powered by youtip program lets you present our tipping screens with your logo, and branding , whether you integrate our services with your existing branded app, use our system as a standalone solution, or combine the two.

How It Works

Customers scan QR codes or tap through links in text and email messages to arrive at youtip’s simple, secure payment screen. After submitting the tip, the customer can leave a star rating and feedback for your services. The payment posts to your business account within two business days, where you can confirm the transaction with youtip reports.
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Our system is PCI compliant and also utilizes the built-in security of Apple’s Apple Pay and Google’s G Pay.

We charge a convenience fee on every transaction to the person leaving the tip. We are waiving system subscription fees through the end of 2021 to help the hospitality industry recover as quickly as possible. *Charges may apply for design customizations and third party integrations such as PMS, HR, Payroll systems, and branded mobile applications. Customer is responsible for all QR code print, signage, and collateral.

We direct all tips into the bank account of your choice – all we need are routing and account numbers. We send reports containing transaction IDs, timestamps, and QR code source (could be tied to a tipping pool, an individual, a hotel room – whatever works for you). You reconcile the report with your payroll system to determine how much tip money goes to each employee.

Most deposits will appear within one or two business days.

Yes, we can create a system that works for your specific needs.

Depending on the complexity of your operation and the amount of customization requested, deployment can be anywhere from 24 hours to two weeks.

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